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Are you looking for something more than just an exercise regime? Are you looking for some local yoga – Dorking and the surrounding areas? Are you at a time in your life when you would like to get to know yourself a little better? To learn some tools to help you cope with life in a more productive way? Well, I have been teaching yoga and wellbeing for 7 years now, and I can definitely help you.

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“I love Amy and I love her classes….Within a really short period of time you realise you are progressing in flexibility, strength and balance. We sweat, we laugh, we relax.”

Ruth Harcus, Reigate. 2019

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A holistic approach to physical, mental & spiriual wellbeing

Build a life of physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing with yoga

Dorking and beyond


Create a calm and centred new you with yoga Dorking

In the modern world we are facing a crisis in physical and mental health. 

More people than ever before are living with chronically high levels of stress, anxiety and physical pain. 

Would you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions?

Are you quick to react in anger or frustration to your partner or children, always snapping at those closest to you because you can’t seem to get a moment’s peace?⠀⠀

Do you feel really busy but not at all productive, trying to keep all the plates spinning without letting one crash to the ground?

Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed, the sound of the alarm making you want to throw it at the wall and bury your head in the duvet for a week?⠀⠀⠀

Do you live with persistent pain or stiffness in the back or knees – or everywhere! –  but just assume it’s something you have to live with now you’re getting older?

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Feel the benefits of yoga, Dorking

In this Dorking yoga space, you can find a safe and friendly place to learn the tools needed to bounce back from life’s adversities. To have the strength to adapt and grow as your environment changes. And to learn how to respond to stressful, triggering situations, rather than react. In this way, we can learn to live with stress in a more productive way. Having resilience isn’t a personality trait, it’s something we can build, train and become better at. 

Through the practice of yoga and meditation, with the added benefit of learning how to commit to giving more time to yourself, I can testify from personal experience that you will:

Have more energy & sleep better 

Feel less overwhelmed & more productive 

Be able to respond, rather than react

Be motivated to look after yourself better & get ill less often 

Let’s Work Together 

Whether you are looking for a purely physical practice, or want something a little more holistic, I offer a range of services to help bring you into optimum wellbeing. Together, we can design a program for you, picking from a combination of yoga and meditation, face yoga and Thai massage and other self-care disciplines & rituals to help you sleep better, move better, stay calm & ultimately live your best life. Whether you’re local and looking for yoga Dorking, or live far away and want to practice with me online, anything can be arranged.

A great place to start would be for us to have a short free consultation call so that we can talk about where you would like to see some improvements. We can discuss how you sleep, your energy and stress levels, your mobility, your strength and your current exercise routine (if you have one yet!) and talk about how best to achieve your goals.

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Short, free discovery call for us to discuss exactly the transformation you are looking for.


Enjoy the benefits of three different levels of membership, depending on exactly what you are looking for.


Yoga only membership

4 classes per month – Zoom or in-person


“Yoga with Amy has changed my life. I found her website when I was in an incredibly low part of my life. My Thursdays turned into my focus of the week and are now my highlight. She brings acceptance, laughter, joy, gratitude, fun and mostly realism. I’m so thankful 🙏 “

Gemma Tully, Horsham. 2021


Yoga & wellbeing membership

4 yoga classes per month – Zoom or in-person

1 self care or ritual challenge per month

Weekly live accountability call in

Facebook group support


“One of my fav things is how Amy weaves together the physical, mental and spiritual elements of her teaching…with a rock and roll edge. She puts the cool into woo woo!”

Lisa Clancy, Dorking. 2021


Goddess membership

4 yoga classes per month – Zoom or in-person

1 self care or ritual challenge per month

Weekly live accountability call in

Facebook group support

1 Moon Circle workshop – honour the beauty and power of the moon and her cycles


“So needed to welcome the full moon last night! Had not realised how much stress I’d been carrying around these past few weeks and I feel more balanced today after your wonderful session.”

Lydia McCann, Dorking. 2021 

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