10 Tips For Your Morning Ritual

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My tips will help you sleep better at night, feel more organised, decrease your blood pressure and stress hormones, keep your body supple…and much more!

Super busy day ahead? Some of these take less than a minute and will seriously increase your wellbeing!

So you're looking to start the day feeling less stressed?

Well, you’re in the right place!

You are really keen to try to establish a morning routine that will set you up well for the rest of the day, but you don’t really know where to start

You think that it will take hours

You assume it will include lots of advanced yoga

You have told yourself you ‘can’t’ meditate

You have a thousand things to do today, so who has time for this kind of luxury?!


10 tips for your morning ritual - journal
10 tips for your morning ritual - cacao

Using these rituals will help you:

Not only are all of these tips backed by science, the benefits of rituals themselves have also been shown by psychologists to increase your levels of happiness and wellbeing.

By putting into place a morning ritual you can:

  • Respond more calmly to stressful situations, rather than react out of anger or frustration
  • Keep calm when dealing with small children!
  • Increase your compassion towards other people
  • Decrease your blood pressure and stress hormones
  • Increase your bliss hormones
  • Keep your body limber and supple
  • Build your physical and mental resilience
  • Sleep better at night
  • Feel more organised
  • Make better choices and decisions throughout the day
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