Seasonal wellbeing and yoga, Dorking and beyond

Focusing on cyclical living, and combining my yoga teachings with my experience as an eclectic witch, I help people discover their own personal path towards a spirituality that helps them feel connected to a greater whole. 

Learn to live in tune with the cycles of your body and of Mother Nature, so you can cultivate a deeper compassion towards yourself, others and the planet.

What is cyclical living? Find out more about this beautiful way of life here.

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“One of my favorite things is how Amy weaves together the physical, mental and spiritual elements of her teaching…with a rock and roll edge. She puts the cool into woo woo!”

Lisa Clancy, Dorking.

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A holistic approach to physical, mental & spiriual wellbeing

Create a calm and centred new you with yoga Dorking

Do you feel really busy but not at all productive, trying to keep all the plates spinning without letting one crash to the ground?

Do you feel like you are carrying lots of stress, always tired, with never enough time for yourself?

Living cyclically will guide you to a happier and healthier life. It will help avoid burnout and overwhelm. And it will give you the kind of physical and mental resilience to live the life you want that you might not have thought possible.

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Feel the healing benefits of yoga, Dorking and much more

Through the practice of yoga, meditation and ritual, with the added benefit of learning how to commit to giving more time to yourself, I can testify from personal experience and from the testimonials of the 100s of people I have helped,  that you will:

  • Have more energy, sleep better and feel like your batteries have been recharged
  • Gain strength, stability and flexibility
  • Be mentally able to recover from work stress, be more focused and productive
  • Feel less overwhelmed and much calmer
  • Be able to respond, rather than react to life stressors 
  • Be motivated to look after yourself better & get ill less often 
  • Have reduced pain and better mobility
  • Be happier, more positive and ready to embrace life

“I discovered Amy last year and immediately fell in love with her style of yoga & teaching. Accessible but cool, so friendly but also intuitively pushes her class so that you feel you have worked hard but with an amazing sense of achievement. I cannot recommend her enough-a true game-changer for me!”

Nancy Szachno, Ockley

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