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All yoga classes are designed to be suitable for all levels. Whether you are a seasoned yogi looking for a new class, or a beginner looking to try something new, you have found the right place. Check out the Dorking yoga timetable below!

Drop-In Yoga

Find your Dorking yoga timetable here. If you are purely looking for an excellent, friendly, Surrey yoga class that you can attend as and when your timetable allows, then this option is for you. My style is a special blend of Hatha and vinyasa flow and takes the best of both disciplines to create a unique practice. Building resilience requires us to encourage neuroplasticity in the brain, & two main ways are through novelty & repetition. So every week we have a different theme so you are always learning something new. However, there are also elements we repeat regularly so that you start to feel comfortable with what you are doing. You will learn to recognise when you have made improvements and come away with a sense of achievement.

Private Groups & 1:1s

There are many reasons why you may prefer to learn this way. For example, you may want to book me to come and teach at your office, or hen party, or other special occasion. I have done weekly classes in corporate boardrooms, and one-off events at festivals & birthdays. Or you may want to gather just one or two friends who would all like to learn together. Alternatively, you may want to see me 1:1 because you want to learn the basics before you join a class; or because you are recovering from an injury. 1:1 classes are an opportunity to go a little deeper and are a better way to achieve your goals.

Monthly Masterclasses

These are a chance to take your practice a little deeper, learning something new and connecting with other like-minded people. If you want to feel that your practice is regular, but can’t fit a weekly class into your busy schedule then this is the way to go. These masterclasses are focused on offering you tools to help build your mental, physical & spiritual resilience. So there will be yoga to build strength & keep you supple in the most common areas that need it, and breathwork specifically designed to utilise off the mat when we find ourselves in difficult situations. 


“Having tried many yoga classes I found Amy and never looked back. I have experienced her classes and her one to one teaching which is amazing! Her teaching is patient, non judgemental, kind, and her passion for her teaching comes across. I have missed her classes due to personal health recently but have really noticed the difference from not going and intend to return to the mat very soon 🙏🏼🥰  I can’t wait to get back to Amy’s classes.”

Karen Bradley

Drop-In Yoga

Open to all levels of experience, there are modifications offered to ensure the classes are challenging but accessible. You can book your place up to an hour in advance so you can be as flexible as you need. Price is per person per hour.


Privates & 1:1s

1:1 classes are an amazing opportunity to go a little deeper and are a better way to achieve your goals. For this reason, booking is for a minimum of three sessions, so we can work towards your transformation. Price for private events on application.


Monthly Masterclass

These regular special classes are slightly longer than a drop-in class at 75 minutes. We gather for the monthly masterclass on the first Thursday of every month.


*Why not save money with a monthly membership instead? That way, the cost of classes goes from £14 each to £11.25! 

Registration Form

Please complete the registration form before attending any classes, 1:1s or events. 

Dorking Yoga Timetable Drop-In Class Schedule


Surrey Hills Physiotherapy



Forest Green village hall



Forest Green village hall



Surrey Hills Physiotherapy



Surrey Hills Physiotherapy


*not available as part of membership subscription. These classes must be paid directly to Surrey Hills Physiotherapy


Enjoy the benefits of three different levels of membership, depending on exactly what you are looking for.


Yoga only membership

4 classes per month – Zoom or in-person


“Yoga with Amy has changed my life. I found her website when I was in an incredibly low part of my life. My Thursdays turned into my focus of the week and are now my highlight. She brings acceptance, laughter, joy, gratitude, fun and mostly realism. I’m so thankful 🙏 “

Gemma Tully, Horsham. 2021


Yoga & wellbeing membership

4 yoga classes per month – Zoom or in-person

1 self care or ritual challenge per month

Weekly live accountability call in

Facebook group support


“One of my fav things is how Amy weaves together the physical, mental and spiritual elements of her teaching…with a rock and roll edge. She puts the cool into woo woo!”

Lisa Clancy, Dorking. 2021


Goddess membership

4 yoga classes per month – Zoom or in-person

1 self care or ritual challenge per month

Weekly live accountability call in

Facebook group support

1 Moon Circle workshop – honour the beauty and power of the moon and her cycles


“So needed to welcome the full moon last night! Had not realised how much stress I’d been carrying around these past few weeks and I feel more balanced today after your wonderful session.”

Lydia McCann, Dorking. 2021 

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