Cyclical Living – The Shift From Spring To Summer

We have now celebrated another turning of the wheel of the year. Beltane on the 1st May is the marking of the end of spring and the beginning of summer. This is the last phase when the earth’s energy is waxing and so it is at it’s most potent. Just as nature all around us is in bloom, so it is time for us to blossom. In terms of cyclical living, the shift from spring to summer is the time to concentrate on making the most of this outward-focusing time of year before the energy starts to wane again once we get to the summer solstice. This is the time for us to push for our goals. Much like the time after the new moon, this is an opportunity to utilise the waxing cosmic energy to make things happen. Seeds have been put into place and now we need to do whatever we can to bring those things into fruition. Don’t hold back – we are in the time of ‘doing’ not ‘being’. Connect with others, network, socialise, manifest – this is your time to shine!

The emphasis during this season is on sexuality, pleasure, creativity and sensuality. In many cultures whose livelihood depended on the fruitfulness of the land, this time of year focused on young lovers and fertility rites. The union of the goddess earth and the god sun was celebrated with rituals to ensure abundance. We can honour this tradition by creative, fun and pleasurable practices into our lives. Find out what makes you passionate and brings you joy and try to carve out even a small amount of time in your daily life to dedicate to that thing.

Some examples of things to do at this time of year include – dancing; mentoring someone who is younger or further behind their path than you; being creative and making something tangible – painting, music, pottery; running outdoors; water sports. Yoga and breath work are also great practices for increasing our sensuality and sexuality. Improved flexibility, strength, stamina, increased tone and awareness into the pelvic floor are all ways it can help.

cyclical living spring to summer

This is definitely the time to try something new in your yoga practice. If this is your first time on the mat – well done! You are already there. If you have been practicing yoga for some time, perhaps you are in a rut? Do you always take the same options that your teacher offers you? Do you shy away from inversions because you are worried about falling? Do you not try certain postures for fear of losing silly? Time to step out of your comfort zone! Try something that you have never tried before. Or commit to a particular posture and find ways to break it down into component parts and work on those to help you build the strength or flexibility necessary.

While it is a great time of year to be creating, we must remember to always be checking in with our own needs. There are so many factors at play that will mean we might not be in the right place to be facing outwards and that can change on any given day. Where we are on our cycle, whether we are feeling ill, how well we have slept….these are all things that can really affect our own personal energy, so use practises like yoga to make sure you are keeping connected to your own body and it’s energies. That is the point of cyclical living after all. To work with the ebb and flow of our own inner universe and well as the outer one, to make sure that we spend energy when it is in abundance, and save it for when it is not.

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