How To Work With The Energy of The Moon

Align yourself with the energy of the lunar cycle using this guide filled with affirmations, yoga, rituals and more!

Learn The Tools of Cyclical Living To Enhance Your Wellbeing

Cyclical living is aligning yourself to the cycles of Mother Earth – that of the sun and the moon –  and your own hormonal cycles. We all ebb and flow and experience highs and lows, and living in this way can help us make sure we have the energy to expend when we need it, saving it during times of rest. This helps to prevent us from feeling overwhelmed and burnout from all the demands of modern life.

This guide is a starting point to living cyclically, specifically with the moon. Getting to know the moon and her cycles is like having a best friend and accountability buddy. She helps to lift you up, giving you the push you need to step into your fullest self, and she reminds you to look after yourself and take rest when you need it.

The moon has been worshipped as sacred for thousands of years by many cultures. It is linked to feminine energy, intuition, self-knowledge and inner wisdom. If the moon’s gravitational pull can affect the tides here on Earth, is it so unlikely that they can also affect us too, made up as we are of 60% water? The moon offers us an easy to follow plan to manage our lives better so that we never over expend our energy.

10 tips for your morning ritual - journal
10 tips for your morning ritual - cacao

Using This Guide Will Help You:

Living in connection to Mother Earth and listening more deeply to your own cycles and rhythms is a form of mindfulness. It’s about finding brief moments in your day to pause and bring yourself fully into the present moment. Mindfulness has been shown to have a great many benefits to your health and happiness, including:

  • Responding more calmly to stressful situations, rather than reacting out of anger or frustration
  • Keeping calm when dealing with small children!
  • Decreasing your blood pressure and stress hormones
  • Building your physical and mental resilience
  • Making better choices and decisions throughout the day
  • Cultivating a more profound sense of compassion and connection to yourself and others
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