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Moon Circles Surrey

Discover the transformative power of working with the energy of the full moon as part of your essential well-being routine

Moon Circles Surrey - The Lunar Cycle

Working with the energy of the moon during moon circles is one of the many ways we can start to become more attuned to Mother Nature, & I am seeing more people become interested in this kind of energy work. Perhaps it’s the various lockdowns and restrictions on our personal & professional lives, or perhaps people are just becoming more open and interested in the mystical and spiritual side of life…. whatever the reason, it is becoming more and more important to reconnect ourselves to the cycles and seasons of our planet so that we can start to take greater care of her, and ourselves. There is definitely a current backlash against the fast-paced, disposable, got to have it now in every colour, ethos of the beginning of this century. The plastic-free movement is a huge thing, we have Extinction Rebellion, we have people moving away from Big Tech and buying more locally in a more sustainable way. And having a more conscious, personal connection to the planet just reflects those needs. Connection to nature is about mindfulness, it’s about meditation, it’s about slowing down and noticing the small things and the more in tune we are to our natural surroundings and the cycles of life, the better able we are to do that.

There are eight phases of the lunar calendar, starting with the new moon and coming all the way back around in the space of approximately 29.5 days. From new moon we move to waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, waning crescent – and then we’re back to the new moon. Some people will also add the dark moon as a ninth phase of this cycle. It used to be only pagans and witches who followed the cycle of the moon, but now wellness coaches and holistic practitioners are also coming to realise the power that working with the lunar cycle can have on people’s wellbeing.  The moon circles I offer are on the full moon and the new moon and are in person, as well as online.


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Full Moon Circles

This lunar event occurs when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth so that the light from the sun fully illuminates it. Think about when you take a photo of someone – you want them to be standing facing the window, not in front of it so they are lit well. The moon is actually only illuminated by the sun 100% for a few minutes, but from our perspective, it seems like the moon is full for a few days. It is said that the energy of the full moon lasts from 2/3 days on either side of the official date and time.

The effect of the full moon on people and animals has long been recorded – you may even have noticed yourself that around the full moon your energy can swing one of two ways. You’ll either be desperate to get to bed early, or you’ll be bouncing off the walls! 

The full moon is the culmination of the lunar calendar and for that reason, it is a time for reflection and gratitude. Emotions can run high at this time of the month, so make sure you take a deep breath before responding to triggering emails or social media posts. Take some time to look back over the previous month to see what you have achieved, what you have manifested, what you have overcome, and how you might move forward. It’s a time to clear out the stagnant energy to make way for the fresh so that you might see the path ahead of you clearly. 

The full moon is also said to be an auspicious time to launch new projects – this website was launched on the first full moon after Imbolc in 2022 for an added boost of good luck! 

During the moon circle Surrey, I shall lead you in some seasonal yoga, some gratitude meditation, and some ritual for releasing anything that no longer serves. The evening is very relaxing, and the room tends to resemble an awesome slumber party! This is an in-person event, so bring pillows, blankets, eye pillows, journals, crystals…anything you need to help you feel comfortable, relaxed and responsive. You will leave feeling incredibly calm, free of anything that has been troubling you, and grateful for all the things you have managed to achieve and called in that month. 

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You can read more about moon circles in my blog ‘What Is A Moon Circle’ here.

“So needed to welcome the full moon last night! Had not realised how much stress I’d been carrying around these past few weeks and I feel more balanced today after your wonderful session.”

Lydia McCann

Moon Circles Schedule

Full Moon 16th May

Surrey Hills


Full Moon 14th June

Surrey Hills


Full Moon 12th July

Surrey Hills 


Full Moon 11th August

Surrey Hills


Full Moon 8th Sept

Surrey Hills


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