Align To The Moon Course

This online moon course will help you create a life of balance, peace and joy 

We start on the 26th February 2024



Online moon course. Lady under the full moon.

I want to thank you for your unique guidance, patience and intuitive gift.  You have taught me so much, and given me the tools to find the confidence to accept and rejoice the next chapter/s that life has in store and that being ‘60’ is really very cool 😎. I will always be immensely grateful that the Universe brought our paths together.

Juliet Fussell

Moon course - full moon on the beach

Align To The Moon Course

Have you noticed how your energy seems to shift around the full moon? Or at the very least, have you heard people around you talk about how it affects them and wondered what the deal was?

Perhaps you feel like you’re bouncing off the walls, manically ticking everything off your ‘To Do’ list but then crashing and burning at the end of the day.

Or maybe you have noticed a pattern that you can’t sleep properly at certain times of the month, or are having unusual dreams.

There’s no doubt that the full moon has become a topic of conversation not just in more ‘spiritual’ or ‘woo woo’ circles, but in the mainstream too.

But the full moon isn’t the only phase that can affect us humans, and this moon course will help you learn more about her ebbs and flows, enabling you to create a more balanced life.

Cyclical Living

At the heart of aligning yourself with the moon is the idea that we need to return to a time when humans saw themselves not as separate from nature, but as a fundamental part of it. Just like nature, we too have seasons. We are cyclical creatures whose hormones and therefore energy peaks and troughs. Our energy waxes and wanes like the moon, like the sun, like the animals who hibernate and the trees who shed their leaves.

Living in this way not only helps to connect us to nature – fundamentally a mindfulness tool that can help us be happier – but also to ourselves. We can get to know what our ebbs and flows are so that we can live the best and most fulfilling life that we can. All without letting life’s stressors get the better of us.

This brand new online moon course is the first time I am bringing together all my knowledge and years of expertise in one place. Over four weeks I will guide you through each of the four main phases of the moon and show you how to work with them to create the life you have always hoped for.

Moon course - dancing under the moon
Amy Miller in the woods with a candle

I Changed My Life, So Can You

Before I started out on my journey of discovery, I was a busy working mother of three boys. Every second of my life was filled up, my ‘To Do’ list seemingly endless. All of that is still true. But I no longer feel like I’m about to snap. The thing that has changed is not the hectic life itself, but my interaction with it. I can respond calmly in times of stress rather than blasting off angry reactions. 

Mindfulness is the key to this change, and living in alignment with the moon is the perfect tool to get you started.​ When you take a moment of pause in your day to connect with what the moon is up to, you allow yourself a minute to take a breath. This online moon course will give you the tools to do exactly that.

Moon course - moon journal

Imagine If You Could...

  • Build more resilience to life’s stressors 
  • Stop reacting to your loved ones in anger or frustration 
  • Learn how to stop and smell the roses 
  • Connect with yourself more deeply and love you
  • Make better choices around your health and wellbeing
  • Feel more compassion towards others and the planet
  • Find  little moments of peace in your day

    Just wanted to say thank you…For someone who struggles with their mental health, taking part in rituals like isn’t just about having a time out, it’s an actual act of self care for me. It’s about nurturing my soul while I am in a period of my life where I feel lost. I loved hearing all of your knowledge and that the session included lots of lovely different things like yoga, journaling, meditation and the oracle cards. I [feel] better connected to myself. Thank you xxx


    You will learn:

    Week One

    • What the energy of the first week of the lunar cycle might offer you
    • Why your movement practice this week is such a personal choice
    • What the corresponding menstrual phase and season is and how this can be utilised to create self care
    • How to create an intention-setting ritual
    • How to utilise Yoga Nidra to help you set goals
    • Appropriate journal prompts and suggestions for tarot/oracle cards

    Week Two

    • Moving into week two of the cycle, learn how the energy shifts
    • Tips for getting the most from your exercise routine
    • Where this lunar phase lies in the menstrual cycle
    • How to create a vision board 
    • How to bring a beginner’s mind to your yoga practice
    • Appropriate journal prompts and suggestions for tarot/oracle cards

    Week Three

    • How the full moon affects so many of us
    • An introduction to fasting
    • The seasonal and menstrual correspondences of this phase
    • How a gratitude practice can make you happier
    • How to harness energy using yoga
    • Appropriate journal prompts and suggestions for tarot/oracle cards

    Week Four

    • The final phase of the lunar cycle, learn what this means for your energy
    • The seasonal and menstrual correspondances with this last phase
    • How to work with oracle cards
    • What makes yoga ‘restorative’
    • Journal prompts and affirmations for this time of the month

    Align Yourself To The Moon Course

    Next date: Monday 26th February

    Time: 6-7 pm via Zoom

    Course length: 4 weeks

    What’s Included:

    Yoga classes (2 hours of on-demand video)

    Downloadable ritual cheat sheets

    Suggested daily tips for a self care practice

    Weekly live calls

    Private Facebook group

    Lifetime access to online videos




    When does the course start?

    The online course kicks off on the 26th February with a live call with me from 6-7pm.

    What if I can’t make the live calls?

    No problem, all the calls will be recorded so you can watch them in your own time. However, I always find it is more motivating to keep on track and join live if you can so that you can ask any questions as they arise.

    How much time do I get with you, Amy?

    We will have four live sessions together every Monday from the 26th February where there will be a chance to ask me any questions. I will also be on the Facebook group every day (except the weekends) to answer questions as they come to you during the week and to keep you motivated.

    Will there be any resources?

    Yes, there will be a digital ritual guide for you to download every week which will be shared via Google Docs.

    Can I do this course on my phone?

    Absolutely! This course is designed to be as hassle free as possible so you can join the Zooms on your phone and download everything you need so you have it with you whenever, wherever you are.

    How long does the course run for?

    The course will last for four weeks, with a live call every Monday evening (26th Feb, 4th March, 11th March and 18th March) from 6-7pm.

    How much time do I need to dedicate?

    I have designed this course specifically to fit in with your lifestyle as much as possible. The point after all is to help you prevent feeling overwhelmed! At the very least there is one 30 minute yoga class and a short ritual to do each week. You may find you want more than that and do the yoga every day! There are also tips for daily self care practices that you can take or leave depending on what resonates for you and what fits in.

    Are the live calls via Zoom?

    Yes, they are. When you buy the course you will get a link sent to you to use.

    Do I need any equipment?

    There are a few items that you need for the rituals we do, but everything can be picked up cheaply or substituted – or entirely left out if necessary! The point of this course is to help you pick up some healthy habits without needing lots of time or lots of equipment. You will get a list of everything you will need at the start of each week.

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