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Surrey Women’s Circles – New Moon Nurture

Discover the transformative power of working with the energy of the new moon as part of your essential wellbeing routine

Next event – 4th July


“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you so much for the moon circle on Thursday night.   It was exactly and I mean exactly what I needed!!   I had reached a point where my job was no longer serving me and where I have evolved out of it but I couldn’t see that,  I was stuck and really unhappy.  But Thursday brought me real clarity of thinking and decisive action.  I drew The Sword and in that moment it was clear what I had to do.  Thank you so so much, I feel more me than I have in a long time.”

Lindie Smith

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Next Event:

July New Moon Nurture

Thursday 4th July, 8:15-9:30pm

Sussex Country Yurt, Warnham


Feel Completely Nurtured At This Surrey Women’s Circle

Imagine a place where you can feel totally safe to express your true self. A place shared only with other like-minded souls. A place where you have the space to talk without being interrupted, judged or offered unsolicited advice. 

Imagine you had the time you needed to reflect on your soul’s deepest desires. To seek out your life’s purpose. To channel your energies into what you truly want from life and how to get there.

Imagine a place dedicated to your self-care. A place offering to hold you, hear you and nurture you. Where you can truly, deeply relax and restore.

The Surrey women’s circle New Moon Nurture nights are just such a place. This is space for you to totally unwind and let go of all the roles you have to play. To be completely you. To breathe, relax and restore.

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing both Amy’s Full Moon and New moon circles and both are just such beautiful gatherings. Amy holds a gentle space for us to meditate, unwind and share as a group – allowing us much needed reflection time in an increasingly chaotic world. Amy you have a unique gift for bringing people together and adding some ritual and ceremony to everyday life – a very sacred container, thank-you xxxx”

Ellie Green

Surrey Women’s Circles - The Significance of the New Moon

The new moon occurs when the moon is on the same side of the earth as the sun, which is why the moon can’t be seen. Think of a photograph analogy – if you’re taking a photo of a person with the window behind them when you press click, they will appear very dark. 

The new moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle. It’s a fresh start, a new beginning. It’s the time when we get to rip up anything that’s not working for us and start again from scratch. This is the perfect time of the month to set intentions. And the great thing is, rather than a new years resolution, that seems overwhelming in its expectations, this intention only needs to be for the month if you want. Of course, you can set an intention for a day, a week, a month…a lifetime! The choice is in your hands. 

What would you like to achieve over the coming month? What would you like to draw in? Connect with your true purpose, align your intentions towards that end, and the rest will follow. Of course, setting intentions doesn’t mean that you will magically call in everything you want in your life – manifestation is an active thing, not a passive one – but the new moon energy is the time for you to plant the seeds. 

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This Women’s Circle Is For You If:

  • You need some space to work out what you want from life
  • You want to find other women to connect with who think like you
  • You want an evening off from your life
  • You want to share your story without being judged or criticised
  • You live aligned with the lunar cycle and would like to have a place to share that energy with others
  • You simply need some time to be, to relax and rejuvenate

During the New Moon Nurture evening we will:

  • Meditate to help to clear the mind a little, allowing our intuition to come to the forefront.
  • Do a manifestation visualisation
  • Set our intentions for the coming month, week, year or lifetime
  • Open the circle to allow everyone to speak, to share your intentions, your stories, or whatever else you would like to be able to communicate

These circles are not a replacement for therapy, and you might even end up with more questions than answers. Rather they are a grounding practice designed to bring you into a reflective state. 

Circles are here to help you on your journey to you.

After the New Moon Nurture evenings, you will feel totally relaxed, focused on where you want the coming month to head, emboldened to live the life you truly desire…you will in short, feel like a goddess.

I recently went to Amy’s New Moon Nurture. It was a lovely, relaxed evening with kind, friendly women. Meeting new people and sharing your feelings with strangers can be frightening, but Amy made everybody welcome and created safe, happy space. I am looking forward to future Moon circles.

Kasia Smeatham

Surrey Women’s Circle Schedule

New Moon Nurture

8th April

The Yurt, Warnham


New Moon Nurture

9th May 

The Yurt, Warnham


New Moon Nurture

6th June

The Yurt, Warnham


New Moon Nurture 

4th July

The Yurt, Warnham


New Moon Nurture

Sept TBC

The Yurt, Warnham


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Moon Circle Pass – Beltane to Summer Solstice

If you would like to save money on moon circles you can buy a moon pass that covers all the circles in the season. The circles in this season are:

May New Moon Nurture on the 9th

May Full Moon Circle on the 23rd

June New Moon Nurture on the 6th 




Will there be any yoga?

Not in the sense of there being physical postures. The evening is focused on meditation, visualisation and relaxation, which is a part of yoga but not the part that is usually focused on in a yoga class  

What should I bring?

You may want to bring a yoga mat to lie on, plus any thing that you need to sit on the floor comfortably. If you have a meditation cushion, you could bring that, or any kind of cushion if it would make you more comfortable. Please also bring your favourite mug, your journal if you have one, and anything else that would make you feel more comfortable and relaxed to lie still.

What is your cancellation policy?

As we will be a small group in a sought after venue, please give at least 72 hours notice if you need to cancel so that I have enough time to fill your space. If you give less than this and I am unable to fill the space, unfortunately I will not be able to give you a refund. 

If I have a moon pass but can’t make a circle, can I get a refund?

No I’m afraid not. Please make sure you are able to attend all the dates before purchasing a moon pass. 

What should I wear?

Anything that you find comfortable. As there is not much yoga, you could wear anything you like, but you should be comfortable enough to sit on the floor. 

How woo woo is this exactly?!

I would say about middling! 😂 If you have been to a spiritually led yoga class that doesn’t focus solely on the physical postures, then you’re about there. There will be talk of your inner goddess, the divine feminine and the moon as our guide; but I won’t be dancing around naked, re-birthing you with new names or using language that is completely unrelatable. I will be keeping it real!

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes you do, as I need to be able to manage numbers correctly. As this is a very small and intimate venue, it would be wrong to try and squeeze people in at the last minute. Please see the schedule, and use the black buttons to book. 

New Moon Nuture - Registration Form

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