Surrey yoga classes

Surrey yoga classes

I teach seasonally inspired yoga classes that are designed to be adaptable for people of all levels. Whether you are a practised yogi looking for a unique class, or a beginner looking to try something new, you have found the right place. Check out the class timetable below.

Drop-In Yoga classes

If you are looking for excellent, friendly, in-person Surrey yoga classes that you can attend as and when your timetable allows, then this option is for you. My style is a special blend of Hatha and vinyasa flow and takes the best of both disciplines to create a unique practice. Building resilience requires us to encourage neuroplasticity in the brain, & two main ways are through novelty & repetition. So every week we have a different theme so you are always learning something new. However, there are also elements we repeat regularly so that you start to feel comfortable with what you are doing. You will learn to recognise when you have made improvements and come away with a sense of achievement.


Privates & 1:1s

There are many reasons why you may prefer to learn this way. For example, you may want to book me to come and teach at your office, or hen party, or other special occasion. I have done weekly classes in corporate boardrooms, and one-off events at festivals & birthdays. Or you may want to gather just one or two friends who would all like to learn together. Alternatively, you may want to see me 1:1 because you want to learn the basics before you join a class; or because you are recovering from an injury. In-person 1:1 Surrey yoga classes are an opportunity to go a little deeper and are a better way to achieve your goals. We can also incorporate other elements to improve your wellbeing like guided meditations and rituals.


“Having tried many yoga classes I found Amy and never looked back. I have experienced her classes and her one to one teaching which is amazing! Her teaching is patient, non judgemental, kind, and her passion for her teaching comes across. I have missed her classes due to personal health recently but have really noticed the difference from not going and intend to return to the mat very soon 🙏🏼🥰  I can’t wait to get back to Amy’s classes.”

Karen Bradley

 Drop-In Class Schedule


Surrey Hills Physiotherapy



Forest Green village hall



Forest Green village hall



Surrey Hills Physiotherapy



Surrey Hills Physiotherapy


*not available as part of class pass. These classes must be paid directly to Surrey Hills Physiotherapy

Class Passes

I’m committed to bringing accessible, friendly Surrey yoga classes to as many people as possible, and so I want to help people to commit to their practice as much as I can.

I know what it’s like. We’re all busy. We have a million things on our ‘to-do’ lists, and the things that always get bumped are the things we consider to be unimportant.

But you will be a more productive, calmer, less stressed, friendlier human being if you take time for your yoga practice. (And that’s the science talking, not just me.)

That’s why I have created class passes to save you money, and to motivate you to make it to class on a regular basis.

Each package is released for purchase at the beginning of each season. 

Beltane to Summer Solstice Class Pass

Available on the 7th May, this pass gives you seven classes for the price of six



Yoga classes, Dorking - Registration Form

Please complete the registration form before attending any classes, 1:1s or events.

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What kind of yoga do you teach?

I teach a special blend of vinyasa and hatha yoga. Vinyasa means ‘to place in a special way’ and is a flow style, moving one posture with one breath. Hatha yoga really just means the physical postures of a yoga practice (as opposed to the breathwork or meditations etc.) I have slowed the vinyasa right down to create something unique – it’s still very dynamic, but there is time to explore the postures while holding them in a way that can’t be achieved with faster movements. 

What Should I Bring?

Please bring your own mat with you – I have plenty of other props that you can use. You might also want to bring some water, but please, no disposable bottles!

Does it matter if I’ve never done yoga before?

No it doesn’t, and in fact, I get complete beginners coming to class regularly. There is no such thing as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at yoga and everyone is on their own path. I encourage everyone to step onto the mat each time as if for the first time so that you can explore with a beginner’s mind every time. My classes are friendly, welcoming and supportive – we are in this together!

What is your cancellation policy?

For drop in classes, please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. For 1:1s and privates please give 3 days. 

Can I use the class pass against classes at Surrey Hills Physiotherapy?

No, I’m afraid not. Classes at SHP must be booked with them directly from their website.

If I have bought a class pass but can’t make a session, can I get a  refund?

If you can’t make a session, you are free to come to the Wednesday or Thursday class that week instead. But you won’t be able to get a refund, so please make sure you can attend all the classes in the season before you purchase. My intention is to encourage people on the mat as much as possible so that you have a consistent practice and see results. 

Do I still need to book a class even if I have a pass?

Yes please! Just so I know what numbers to expect at each class in order to make sure I bring the right amount of props. The system will also then automatically keep track of how many classes you have been to so we don’t have to keep track.

What should I wear?

Anything that you find comfortable and can move freely in – you don’t need to be kitted out from head to toe in Sweaty Betty! As the last part of class always involves lying still, I would also recommend you come with plenty of layers as the body will cool down quickly after working hard.

Do I need to be flexible?

You absolutely do NOT need to be flexible to do yoga, and actually, the more flexible you are, the more careful you need to be. What you might have seen on Instagram is not what most people can do – most of us just want to stay supple in order to continue leading the life we love for as long as possible. It’s important to remember that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and flexibility is a fairly relative word. Practice with what you have and the rest will follow.

I have an injury, can I still come?

That depends! If you have been cleared for exercise by your doctor then yes. However, it is important you still let me know, so that we can make sure you have the modifications you need to prevent further injury.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes you do, as I need to be able to manage numbers correctly. However, don’t worry if you decide you want to come to class at the last minute – the system will let you book with only an hour to go before the start time! 

Is there an expiration date for the class passes?

Each class pass is aligned with the time of the year and so will only be available to buy during the first week of the new season. If you buy the pass after that you will not have time to use all the classes, unless you plan on coming twice a week. If you click to book and it isn’t available it just means you have missed the deadline. 


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