Wild Woman Wellness

Welcome soul sister, to the Wild Woman Wellness Workshops.

You are finally home! 


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“I’ve never had the pleasure of a yoga retreat before, so I didn’t really know what to expect… Today was greater than all my expectations, even though I didn’t know anyone else… I felt so calm, so centred and strong. Thank you for your gift of giving us all what we need.”

Gemma Tully

Wild Woman Wellness

Have you felt a calling recently to explore your sacred self? Your divine feminine? The goddess inside of you? Do you have a sense that you would like to live a more spiritual life, but not sure where to start? To be connected to Self, to a community, to nature, and to the divine – in whatever form that takes? 

Then you are in the right place my friend. 

These wild woman wellness workshops are a way for you to commit some time to yourself to really learn how actively take part in your own self-care and harness the awesome power that females have inside us – often looking for a way to release out into the world!

These workshops are for you if:

  • You feel like to are called to live more in tune with Mother Earth
  • You have noticed an ebb and flow of energy around the cycle of the moon – most likely the full moon – and would like to learn more about how to attune to it
  • You would like to learn what essential oils to use during your own cycle
  • You have lost touch with your body and it’s inner voice; you want to practice listening to your intuition
  • You know that self-care is a thing, but would like to learn practical ways to introduce it into your daily life
  • You feel like there is a goddess in you somewhere, just screaming to get out!

In these workshops, you will learn:

  • How to work with the energies of the lunar cycle – when to rest and when to be active
  • What essential oils we can use to help us through the different phases of our own cycles – and beyond
  • How to listen to our own inner knowing – so often we are told to ignore our intuition
  • How to create daily rituals to honour our own personal spirituality, whatever that means to us
  • How to identify and transform any limiting beliefs we might hold, releasing them from holding us back
  • How to create affirmations
  • How to honour and learn to love our bodies for all the amazing things she achieves

The Wild Woman Archetype

You can read about the wild woman archetype in my blog post here. 

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