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What Is The Spring Equinox?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal or Spring Equinox falls on or around the 20th March. For the Southern Hemisphere, the reverse is true - there it's the Autumn Equinox on those same dates. But what is the Spring Equinox exactly and why should we care? The word...

How Does The Full Moon Affect People?

Traditionally this is a time for reflection and gratitude, of looking back over the previous month to see what you have achieved and how you might move forward. A time to clear out the stagnant energy to make way for the fresh, so that you might see the path ahead of you clearly.

New Moon Ritual For Manifestation – A Guide

The new moon marks a time of rebirth and introspection. Embrace the opportunity to set intentions, release what no longer serves you, and create space for self-care. Through the new moon ritual for manifestation, you can harness the energy of this phase to manifest your deepest desires and cultivate a life in alignment with your true purpose.

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