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Lughnasadh Traditions Old and New

We are designed for active periods of seed sowing, growing and ripening, just like Mother Nature in the spring and summer. We also have a deep need for rest and rejuvenation, like the earth when she sheds her leaves and hibernates in autumn and winter.

Yoga Retreat Benefits Explained Firsthand!

Amy’s retreat in Spain last year was my first ever Yoga retreat and for someone who doesn’t like meeting big groups of people I was a little nervous! However Amy’s relaxed approach to everything immediately made me feel at ease, and once we arrived at our rustic bohemian venue I instantly felt at home!

How To Celebrate The Summer Solstice

A mix of surviving historical records and folklore passed down by word of mouth, show that huge bonfires were lit atop hills to represent the space between heaven and earth. Early European traditions celebrated the solstice by setting huge wooden wheels on fire and rolling them down hills.

Cyclical Living – The Shift From Spring To Summer

Cyclical Living – The Shift From Spring To Summer

This is definitely the time to try something new in your yoga practice. If this is your first time on the mat – well done! You are already there. If you have been practicing yoga for some time, perhaps you are in a rut? Do you always take the same options that your teacher offers you? Do you shy away from inversions because you are worried about falling? Do you not try certain postures for fear of losing silly? Time to step out of your comfort zone!

How To Celebrate Beltane

How To Celebrate Beltane

May 1st sees the arrival of the festival of Beltane. This is the time when the earths energy is at it’s strongest and most potent. Conception and fertility is all around. It is when Spring turns to Summer and the Maiden Goddess comes to fullness. All around is growth and renewal and it’s the time to lay down plans for the future.

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