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Cycle Syncing Fitness

Your menstrual cycle is a powerful ally on your fitness journey. Embrace the principles of cycle syncing and cyclical living, and let your workouts be a celebration of your strength, resilience, and femininity.

What Is Samhain?

When I carve my pumpkins and gather with my friends on this night, it will be with intentional remembering and reverance for the old ways and for the many women who were tortured and burned at the stake during The Burning Times.

What Are The UK Pagan Festivals?

What I love about these celebrations is that, no matter what your life looks like on a day to day basis – if you’re stuck in an office all day and only have a small park near you for greenery for example – you can go out with intention and notice the turning of the wheel.

What Is Lammas? – A Cyclical Living Series

What Is Lammas? – A Cyclical Living Series

The word ‘Lammas’ comes from the old English word ‘hlaf-maesse’, meaning ‘loaf mass’. On the 1st August – not before, it was considered bad luck! – the farmers would have cut the first grains at dawn and their wives would have started to turn it into bread to share with the whole community as a way of giving thanks for that year’s success.

Ritual Baths – A History

Ritual Baths – A History

Anything can be turned into ritual and made to feel special. You go into ritual with full intention. You do it mindfully and with purpose. This is how I live my life and it’s pure joy. Except when it’s not. It’s every emotion, good and bad. And that’s ok. The important thing is to FEEL. 

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