My yoga retreats are always made up of two distinct groups of people – those who have done this all before many times, and those who have barely sat on a yoga mat once. The thing that everyone asks me first is, can I go on a yoga retreat if I’m a beginner? The answer is a resounding YES! Anyone can enjoy being away in a sunny location moving their body! I asked a couple of people from my last Spanish retreat to help me explain yoga retreat benefits firsthand.

Yoga Retreat Benefits Explained by Gemma Tully, Horsham:

“In October last year, I went on my very first abroad yoga retreat to Spain. I was in my 40’s & had never been abroad by myself. To say I was quite nervous is an understatement, yet I was also excited.

I knew Amy and knew a few other wonderful crew from the yoga sessions that I’ve been attending on a Thursday morning – yet I didn’t really know these people all that well. Let’s be honest – you pop your mat down, happily say a polite ‘hello’ and then crack on with the session and then a polite ‘goodbye’ and off we all go week after week.

Amy knew this for each of us, and she made every endeavour to make sure we had a connection and we knew what to expect via a WhatsApp group before we all set off. I could talk for hours yet I will cut to the chase so to speak.

Upon arrival in Spain – wow…. Even just reminiscing now makes me beam! Amy & Peter had the biggest and warmest welcome you could ever ask for. The venue was divine and so were all the staff.

The accommodation had an almost romantic Spanish rustic touch yet so clean and accommodating for everyone’s needs = pure bliss.

The retreat set up for the long weekend was so relaxed (which also drew me to it). Amy and Peter had put together a very casual timetable of yoga, meditation and physical workouts during the day, yet they made it so clear that you could attend all, some, or none. There was absolutely zero pressure to do anything – in fact some days we just lounged by the pool.

The group of people were absolutely amazing! The food was out of this world. The views – sunsets and sunrises were breathtaking & cleansing. Obviously the amazing weather certainly helped!

To be completely honest, this little post really does not do the journey justice – when I arrived home to my husband and children, my husband asked me how it was. I simply said:

Life changing






Made friends for life

I could not have asked for more and I can’t wait for the next. Thank you Amy for giving my mind and body just what it needed when I didn’t know what it needed. 🙏”

yoga retreat explained - girl on beach

Photo by processingly on Unsplash

Yoga Benefits Explained by Lydia McCann, Dorking:

“Amy’s retreat in Spain last year was my first ever Yoga retreat and for someone who doesn’t like meeting big groups of people I was a little nervous! However Amy’s relaxed approach to everything immediately made me feel at ease, and once we arrived at our rustic bohemian venue I instantly felt at home! The retreat was perfectly structured with enough yoga and fitness to fill your days and zero pressure if you’d just rather have a beer by the pool followed by a massage! However, my highlight was definitely candlelit meditation at sunrise! The food was super healthy but plentiful…As soon as I could I paid my deposit for next year’s retreat with Amy and I can’t wait. 

Hopefully this little glimpse into what you can expect on a yoga retreat will also give you an insight into the yoga retreat benefits too – as explained by people who have actually been on one.”

Our next retreat will be the Summer Yoga + Fitness Retreat in Spain. You can find out more here.