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Seasonal yoga retreat, Surrey Hills. Wellbeing days designed to completely restore your mind, body and spirit.

Next retreat – Sunday 18th September, Surrey Hills

Just wanted to say thank you so much for having me on your lovely retreat. I’d only done your Yoga class once before, but I was still sure that the Retreat would be a fantastic idea, and it didn’t disappoint. Mondays are always stressful for me… but after the retreat I felt as if I sailed through, calm, focused and free from the normal negativity that starts brewing on Sunday evening. Long may it continue

Joanna Youden

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Put Yourself First For Once With This Yoga Retreat, Surrey

These are a truly special way to completely unwind and relax, taking yourself outside of your usual day-to-day routine in order to re-set, relax and restore. So often we put others’ needs before our own, we have deadlines to meet, children and parents to look after, we say ‘yes’ to everything because we think things will fall apart if we don’t. 

It’s imperative that we occasionally put ourselves first, for how can we support those that need us if we are depleted and burnt out?

We must remember to apply our own oxygen mask first. 

The definition of ‘retreat’ is to ‘move back or withdraw’ and this really does go a long way to explain what happens when you decide to dedicate some time to yourself in a quiet and secluded place. When you join a yoga great Surret, you can withdraw from the world, just for a short time, so that you can truly connect with yourself, honour your own needs and come back stronger and ready for action.

Next Yoga Retreat, Surrey

Autumn Equinox Retreat

Sunday 18th September


The Surrey Hills

yoga retreat surrey

Autumn Yoga Retreat, Surrey - Timetable




Autumn Equinox Retreat

Holmbury St Mary

When light and dark come back into balance, now is the time to start to slow down. Honour the changing of the seasons and Mother Nature herself by reflecting in your own life a return to hibernation.

2-6pm, £50 early bird discount



Winter Retreat

Holmbury St Mary village hall

Slowing right down now, taking a moment to breathe before the onslaught of Christmas begins. Give yourself a moment to pause so you feel fully recharged and ready to enjoy the festive season. 

2-6pm, £50 early bird discount

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