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Seasonal yoga retreat, Surrey Hills. Wellbeing days designed to completely restore your mind, body and spirit.

Spring Retreat – 16th March 2024

Just wanted to say thank you so much for having me on your lovely retreat. I’d only done your Yoga class once before, but I was still sure that the Retreat would be a fantastic idea, and it didn’t disappoint. Mondays are always stressful for me… but after the retreat I felt as if I sailed through, calm, focused and free from the normal negativity that starts brewing on Sunday evening. Long may it continue

Joanna Youden

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Put Yourself First For Once With This Yoga Retreat Surrey

Do you always put others’ needs before your own?

Are you overwhelmed by work deadlines?

Do you have children or ageing parents to look after?

Do you say ‘yes’ to everything because you think things will fall apart if you don’t?

Do you find yourself snapping at those closest to you because you simply haven’t had enough rest?

I see you, and I promise – you are not alone! 

Going on a yoga retreat Surrey will NOT cause everything to fall apart because you aren’t there. But it WILL help you to take a step back and get the support and rest you need to recharge your batteries.

Retreats are a truly special way to completely unwind and relax, taking you outside of your usual day-to-day routine in order to re-set, relax and restore. 

It’s imperative that we occasionally put ourselves first, for how can we support those that need us if we are depleted and burnt out?

We must remember to apply our own oxygen mask first. 

The definition of ‘retreat’ is to ‘move back or withdraw’ and this really does go a long way to explain what happens when you decide to dedicate some time to yourself in a quiet and secluded place. We withdraw from the world, just for a short time, so that we can truly connect with ourselves, honour our own needs and come back stronger and ready for action.

Whether a retreat is a half day, full day, or even longer, they are a time to truly make transformational changes in your wellbeing. Depending on the theme of the retreat, we can incorporate things that we just wouldn’t have time for in a workshop or class setting. For example, we might go on a guided meditation walk in nature, do a tea ceremony, or make a vision board. 

Going on a yoga retreat Surrey truly feels like you are leaving the world behind for a while – to reconnect with yourself, to nurture yourself and leave feeling like a brand new you! 

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“I’ve never had the pleasure of a yoga retreat before, so I didn’t really know what to expect… Today was greater than all my expectations, even though I didn’t know anyone else… I felt so calm, so centred and strong. Thank you for your gift of giving us all what we need.”

Gemma Tully

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On this yoga retreat Surrey, you will:

  • Learn to embrace the darker months and honour the season appropriately
  • Take time to fully restore and rest deeply
  • Give your body the time it needs to stretch and open up
  • Enjoy two dynamic yoga sessions
  • Learn how to make your own homemade chocolates to treat yourself and others 
  • Use guided meditation to relax fully and recharge
  • Be led by experts in the fields of yoga and meditation 

From the moment you arrive you will feel the pressures of daily life just melt away. Amy is so welcoming and her attention to detail is amazing. She creates a space for you to relax and really recharge your battery. You will leave feeling calm and refreshed inside and out. This is the second Retreat day I have attended and I am well and truly hooked! Thank you Amy 🙏

Juliet Fussel

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Yoga Retreat Surrey: Meet Your Host - Amy

I am a yoga and meditation teacher, holistic healer, practising witch and ritual guide. I specialise in seasonal wellbeing, teaching people how to connect with their own cycles and the cycles of Mother Nature. In doing so, we can connect more fully to our own bodies and feel part of a connection to a greater whole.

My teaching is dynamic and diverse, collating many different types of yoga into a unique signature style. I have been in the yoga and wellbeing space for 25 years and have had the privilege of helping 100s of people to improve their overall physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. 


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What should I bring?

You will want to bring a yoga mat to lie on, plus anything that you need to sit on the floor comfortably. If you have a meditation cushion, you could bring that, or any kind of cushion if it would make you more comfortable. Please also bring your favourite mug, your journal if you have one, and anything else that would make you feel more comfortable and relaxed to lie still.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give at least one weeks notice if you need to cancel so that I have enough time to fill your space. If you give less than this and I am unable to fill the space, unfortunately I will not be able to give you a refund.

What should I wear?

Anything that you find comfortable! Whatever you would wear to do exercise and be comfortable enough to sit on the floor.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes you do, as I need to be able to manage numbers correctly. Please use any of the black buttons on this page to book.

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What to know more?

Read my blog ‘What Is A Yoga Retreat’ here

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