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Hello, I'm Amy!

I’m your guide to physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing, and this is all about my journey to becoming a wellbeing guide and yoga teacher.

I help busy people to create a new life that includes better sleep, increased mobility and a greater capacity to remain calm in stressful situations. I teach people how to build resilience and create a lifestyle that leads to longevity. 

My Country Life

I am in my 40’s, happily married, with 3 ever-growing boys, and a dog called Fia – a girl luckily, she and I form a good girly team! 

I moved from London when I had my first baby – I mean literally the day after! The removal men came to pack up my flat and take it away to a house in the Surrey Hills, the DAY AFTER I came out of the hospital! I remember hiding in my new bathroom, trying to breastfeed a day-old baby while the removal men attempted to get our bed through the first-floor window!

I consider myself to have the spirit of a city girl, with the heart of a country girl, and I have never regretted the move. In fact, my spiritual home is now in these hills. I grow vegetables, take long walks and enjoy the general peace and quiet of country life. I do however frequently return to the big smoke, and enjoy nothing more than a well-made cocktail on a roof-top bar, people watching and generally feeling a bit fancy – definitely a lot more so than when I’m in my wellies!

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dorking yoga teacher in white dress in Albury Woods photographed by Yvonne Catterson

My First Yoga Class

I took my first yoga class 25 years ago, in a small church hall in my first year of university. I was studying Philosophy at Leeds and a term learning about Buddist Philosophy sparked my interest in Eastern esoteric spiritual practices. There weren’t many yoga studios in those days and the class was full to bursting with people of all ages, captivated by the wise yoga teacher at the front who was full of zest – not to mention could bend herself into all sorts of crazy positions! As a trained dancer, I found this exciting as I could practice postures to improve my flexibility – and that was all I cared about in those days!

I was born and raised in London, and when I moved back there after leaving uni, I made it my mission to find another yoga class. Still not many dedicated studios around in the late 90s, I stumbled across a class led by the very popular Jonathan Monks who helped me take my practice to the next level. There I was introduced to a yoga practice for strength and fitness, as well as flexibility and my ability improved quickly. 


Teaching Yoga Was Not My Intention

After I moved away from London, nearly 15 years ago, it was almost impossible to find a Dorking yoga teacher. There were the occasional gym instructors who took it as an extra, but I struggled to find as good a teacher as I had back in the city. Until, finally, when I had all but given up, two teachers came along at once. They were completely different to each other, but I learned a lot from both of them, and my current style of teaching has been formed with inspiration from both. 

However, at the time, it never crossed my mind that I would become a yoga teacher myself. Not for want of people suggesting it! “It will fit in perfectly with being a mum”, people said! Noooo….not for me. I didn’t want my hobby to turn into a job. 

Fast forward 6 years and I was on baby number 3. Working ‘normal’ office hours was no longer financially viable. During those years, I had started to believe that I had something more to give the world than just children – I felt like there was a guide of some sort in me, waiting to get out! And so it was that becoming a yoga teacher seemed to make more and more sense. Finally, the stars aligned, and before I knew it I was signed up for my teacher training.

A Brand Develops - wellbeing guide and yoga teacher

I have been really lucky to be a yoga teacher in lots of different settings. I have worked for Sweaty Betty, helping to launch their ‘power’ line; given an introduction to yoga to A-Level students; worked at festivals and parties, and on location for the National Trust. I have helped people with their fitness, to recover from injury, to help cope with grief, and to give support through terminal cancer. 

Over the last eight years, I have expanded my teachings to cover more than just yoga. As a practising witch, I focus on connecting people to the cycles of Mother Earth in order to connect with themselves on a deeper level.  It has become my mission to help people find their own personal spiritual path to health, healing and happiness. 

I really look forward to yoga with Amy. She is joyful, professional and very engaging. I have learned so much and feel so confident in my practice since Amy has been my teacher.

Claire Riggins

My wife and I have been practicing yoga with Amy now for years! She is wonderful. Very enthusiastic and motivating. Great for beginners through to advanced. Always welcoming to newcomers and happy to see familiar faces too. Amy is all about flow but she is also very technically-minded – the sign of a good teacher in that she can say just the right thing at the ideal time, which makes perfect sense and further enhances your practice. We truly look forward to our weekly sessions with Amy!

Tim Riggins

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Key worker discounts - free first class

Giving Back...

Being part of a community is incredibly important to me (and FYI, being part of a community has been shown in studies to boost happiness! Win win!). So I try to get involved and help however I can. That’s why, if you’re an NHS worker, you can get your first class for free!

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